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How does Comitti build my mahogany runabout?

Comitti runabouts begin their life as a mahogany log that is one meter longer than the boat itself will be. Only the finest logs with the most visually appealing clear grain are selected. This log is sawn into solid thick planks and thin veneers. These are kiln dried to the optimum moisture content for dimensional stability and workability by Comitti boat builders. First the frame is constructed on a precise jig. Next, the two inner layers of veneer are applied to the sides with epoxy, non-metallic staples and clamps. The final outer topside layer of solid mahogany planking is applied using epoxy and the Vacuum Technique. It runs the full length of the boat without screws or end-grain joints. The jig is righted and the bottom panels attached. Comitti manufactures full length Marine plywood bottom panels for strength and safety. Comitti wood runabout construction utilizes state of the art epoxy encapsulation and saturation methods to completely seal all surfaces of all wood in the boat, not just the wood below the waterline. Interior and exterior surfaces are sealed creating a non-porous wood composite material that cannot absorb water. Specific care is taken to ensure that all through hull openings and fastenings are thoroughly sealed to prevent moisture migration to the core of certified marine plywood bottom panels or laminated topside panels. All manufactured plywood surfaces are government certified 100% void and defect free, waterproof glue bonded Marine/Aircraft grade laminate. All screw or bolt fasteners are alloys of Stainless Steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

Hull frames and longitudinal stringers, keel and chine members are cut from kiln dried Mahogany and Oak stock using NC (computer controlled) high pressure water-jet cutting machines. This creates very strong, precise wood joints and permits efficient assembly of the hull structure. Computer controlled (CNC) five axis routers shape the solid mahogany transom corners creating a perfectly graceful finish to the hull profile.

Decking surfaces consist of a sub-deck of marine plywood with overlay of marine certified mahogany decking plywood with solid maple or holly inlaid wood deck seam detailing. Deck side covering boards and trim on bow is solid mahogany planking from the original veneer log.

Epoxy glues are used throughout the boat and all fasteners are Stainless Steel or Bronze for strength and corrosion resistance. The wood finish is applied on top of a stain sealer that fills the wood grain and highlights the color of the mahogany. The finest coatings from Italian company Stoppani or American yacht finish company Awlgrip are then applied to provide a brilliant gloss finish to the wood.

Hardware is either of Chrome Plated Bronze or Stainless Steel for strength and corrosion resistance. Fasteners are all Stainless Steel. All systems are CE and US Coast Guard approved. Motors pass California Emissions Certification standards, the toughest state exhaust emissions regulations in North America.

How do I maintain the high gloss finish on my Comitti Mahogany boat?

A primary cause for excessive finish maintenance is prolonged Ultra Violet (sun) exposure. With a sensible approach to preventative maintenance your Comitti wooden runabout will provide years of enjoyment with minimal attention to the finish. We use wood penetrating epoxies with clear hardeners to seal the wood and finish the sealed wood with a blended American two part clear gloss coating from Awlgrip Yacht Finishes called Awlcraft 2000. This coating may be buffed periodically to restore original brilliant gloss finish.In this regard Comitti mahogany boat maintenance is similar to that of a fiberglass boat. Awlgrip recommends using AwlWash and AwlCare maintenance products to prolong the gloss and durability of it's Awlcraft products. Do not use carnauba wax on Awlgrip products. Wooden boats may be finished with traditional 1 part varnishes upon request.

Storage of your boat in a boathouse is best; next best is mooring the boat with a light colored water resistant though breathable waterline cover. We use Sunbrella material which is light weight in addition to being breathable and highly water resistant. Storing the covered boat inside on a trailer is also preferred. Washing the boat with fresh water periodically prevents dirt from the atmosphere from dulling the finish. Drying with a soft terrycloth towel is recommended.

How do I maintain my hull and windshield? - For windshield cleaning use clean fresh water only or add a mild liquid soap. Do not use chemical glass cleaners. Dry with a terry cotton cloth only.

We recommend an Epoxy Sealer be applied to the Venezia fiberglass boat bottoms if left in the water for extended periods like all season. Easily applied when a new build or post delivery.

What other seating and deck arrangements are available?

There are many possibilities for the cockpit seating and sunbed arrangements. Extended cockpits, mahogany aft decks, chaise lounge cockpit style to name a few. Call us at (802) 598-3669 to discuss custom layouts.

Can my boat be used in salt water without corrosion occurring?

Comitti boats may be equipped with closed engine cooling systems for use in salt water environments. Motors should be flushed periodically with fresh water to remove salt deposits from exhaust manifolds, heat exchanger and stern drive housing. It is recommended that boat be rinsed with fresh water after use in salt water. This is standard for boats constructed of any material, be it painted wood, fiberglass, steel or aluminum and all methods of propulsion.

Comitti boats can be delivered from the factory with a polished bottom, an epoxy sealant treatment or hard anti-fouling paint applied to the running surface. Underwater drive components are protected from galvanic corrosion by Aluminum or Zinc sacrificial Anodes in addition to active corrosion protection systems provided by the engine manufacturer.

How long will it take to have a new boat ready for delivery once I order it?

Venezia Fiberglass series - 6-8 months from order; Wooden Mahogany series 6-8 months from order. Shipment times vary from 21 days to East Coast USA to 35 days to west coast USA. Midwest and Gulf State vary from 25 to 30 days. All times are door to door. Freight costs currently vary from $5K for container shipment (22 - 25' boats) to $10K for on deck (28 - 34' boats). Subject to change of course.

Also consider the following criteria:

  1. Italy and the rest of Europe vacation during much of August.
  2. If Comitti has inventory of your boat built to the motor installation phase, then about 3 - 4 months for wooden boats, 2 -3 months for fiberglass boats.
  3. Custom cockpit layouts and motor installations take an average of 2 to 4 weeks additional time to complete.
  4. To ensure delivery for the Summer months order in September/October. For delivery in the Fall order in November.

V25 Elegance Venezia 25 Elegance Brochure (PDF ~ 11.72Mb)

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V34 Elegance Spider Venezia 34 Elegance Spider (PDF ~ 1.87Mb)

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Custom Boat Designs Comitti Custom Boat Design (PDF ~ 2.14Mb)

TT Invictus Venezia 28 Elegance TT Invictus (PDF ~ 2.47Mb)